So, you want to post your comics on your website. That can be intimidating. Would you like to get it up quickly with a powerful open-source engine? Do you want:

Try Showpony out below!

NOTE: the stable release doesn't support all these features yet.


Download the latest release and put the showpony and files folders onto your website! Then, put this code in your webpage to get up-and-running immediately:


<script src="showpony/script.js"></script> <script>new Showpony;</script>

You'll likely want a more custom Showpony. Here are the properties used for the Showpony above:


new Showpony({ });

You can go to the Showpony Wiki for more info.

Websites using Showpony

Email me at if you want to be included in the list! I will not include NSFW stories.